Most questions you may have will hopefully be answered below but please feel free to contact me to ask more.

So what do we get?

Well that depends upon the package you choose? However all 4 packages include…

  • 1.5-9 hours photographic coverage (assuming you are having an evening reception)
  • 300-750 Hi –Res Jpegs on custom USB for your own personal use
  • USB Slide Show set to music*
  • Your own personal secure online wedding gallery for viewing, sharing and purchase facility (for guests) is also included
  • Oh and yes you also get me for the day! I don’t employ other photographers. I can guarantee you won’t get some spotty 2nd year TAFE photography student turn up… SURPRISE!

(*Except in the Mini & Bike Packages)

Will it be fun? My partner hates photo's

Without doubt YES! (Unless of course you don’t want to have fun?) Your day should be fun and memorable (for all the right reasons). Your planning and preparation, stresses, blown out budget and ‘do we really have to invite awkward Aunty Jan?’ moments have all led to this one big day. My job is to ensure you feel as relaxed, calm and as photographically elegant and stunning as possible and assured that you will be getting the wonderful photos you are hoping for. Most partners (men) hate photos but at the end of the day 99.9% of my couples say it was the best fun of their lives! As I say to all my brides the only thing you should be concerned about is why your Champagne glass is empty! And don’t worry about him, beer makes everything easier!

How long till we get our Photo's?

Ah the most common question! Every couple want’s their Photographs the next day but the reality is anywhere between 3-6 weeks depending upon the time of year. Spring and Early Autumn weddings are very popular so the ‘prep process’ can get bogged down a little. On average most of my couples have their photographs and USB Slide Show Presentation within 4 weeks. Wedding Albums take longer as you first have to choose the shots for the Album and then I custom design it (I don’t shoot to a ‘template’ album as do some others) and then you approve the design. When you are thrilled by the look it goes to print taking approximately 3-4 weeks to complete.

What's the Prep Process?

That's where the magic happens. When I get home on the evening of your Wedding I (after pouring myself a cleansing Chardonnay) back up your RAW shots to my computer that automatically syncs to ‘Time Machine’ (an external hard drive backup independent of the computer) so your big day now has 3 safe deposits! The CF Card itself, the Mac and Time Machine. Often I will choose 10-20 shots of your day and post them on Facebook as a sneak peek (with your permission of course). From that point on I edit down leaving only the best shots and send those RAW files to my Graphic Artist for the ‘magic’! When that’s done your shots are hosted in your personalised secure online gallery.

Prep process continued… & what’s the USB Slide Show bit?

When I receive your Jpeg converted photographs (that means you can now view them on a computer etc.) back they are stunningly treated with various techniques such as sepia, monochrome, hand colouring, grunge etc. and packaged for presentation. At this point I can now custom design your USB Slide Show. This includes a highlight package compressing your big day into 10-15 minutes and is set to music of your choice like your bridal dance tunes and aisle entry etc. No generic Celine Dion or Michael Bolton wedding rubbish used here (unless you like Celine & Michael?). I’ll just turn the volume down if that’s the case! All other photographs are then presented in sub-menus showing off your whole day and are also set to great Wedding’y music such as Celine Dion or Michael Bolton!?

How much do I have to pay to secure your service?

It’s all very easy. All I require is a $680 (non-refundable) booking fee (that of course comes off the total balance) and that’s it. The remaining balance can be paid anytime on or before your Wedding day. Direct credit details are on my contract or you can pay securely with Visa, Mastercard or PayPal through my website (although a surcharge does apply).

What happens if you are unwell on the day?

Although this has never happened to me I suppose it could? I am in touch with many of Perth’s top Wedding photographers that know other photographers also. In that case it is likely to assume through this professional network that you will have a professional stand-in whilst I am lying in a hospital bed or maybe I'm drinking cold beers in the South of France or somewhere? LOL!

What is your experience? Are you qualified?

I certainly am, just look at the beautiful gal above. I have been photographing for 34 years, starting with a cheap camera and have read bucket loads of books about technique and lighting and all that really cool stuff. I ended up studying Media and Photography as my minor subjects whilst majoring in Music at ECU (and UWA) back in the early 80’s. To be honest however it all got too expensive and difficult with film and I just used my gorgeous old Canon AE-1 and Pentax Super A for holiday snaps and important family occasions.

Then the digital phenomenon arrived and I actually grew to hate it as the point and shoot cameras frustrated the bum off me with their common problem known as shutter lag! By the time I’d set up to photograph a baby for example and pushed the button the baby has skittled off and was now 18 years old drinking Corona at the BBQ. Then in 2005 a mate of mine came over with his new Nikon Digital SLR. BOOM! I was blown away by the quality and agility of these new beasts. That was that! The rest you can read about in the ‘About Me’ section if you’re still interested?

Can I upgrade to an Album at a later stage?

In short… Yes! That’s no drama. Quite often couples will decide on an album a little later when the finances have been replenished. After all books are a timeless thing of beauty.